House blogger


Hey,everyone! Leslie here☝🏾,…oh! and welcome to my blog! This is kind of like an open journal for me, so I want to be as authentic as possible with my post on here for you! So there will be many stories of my own and people who I’ve met thus far in life. It’s about a finding peace, love,hope and acceptance within yourself and within God,and just pure spirituality and sharing it!

STOP!!! I’m so excited you guys, im excited!is int and will remain free from becoming a Bashing blog site for me. NOR I and anyone else will allow to fell pressured into ANY TYPE OF RELIGION. OR TOLD WHAT SPIRITUAL PATH( if any ) we are on is wrong. This is a SAFE,WELCOMING, JUDGEMENT Free PLACE. I DONT tolerate disrespect in Any form. Have fun! Laugh, cry! Find what suits you, find your balance and guide yourself to it!believers,Our main purpose in life is to love,and to share gods never failing love. If( i hope when) whatever route you chose, what ever spiritual joint I pray you chose- go into it with an open heart. Educate yourself and FIND YOUR PEACE and JOY! And few free to share information it ! We could all use a little extra something from somewhere else !

SO!buckle up,and get ready for a joyful,emotion, real, loving journey you’re about to start.