Still here!

Hey,everyone! Wow… so it’s been,WAY too long! No excuses… life has just happened and  every time I plan to sit down and write, up comes life again! I don’t have any specific topic today, just wanted to say HEY!🙋🏾 I’m still here ! Life’s been really good. Lilly and I have moved back to the city- two months strong and loving it! I’ve been consistently practicing yoga and  meditation! My life just seems to be becoming more balanaced out. I’m getting in amazing shape and I love it! If you don’t practice yoga or at least meditation… I HIGHLY recommend doing so! Get those chakras in line and those prayer warriors moving! 🙏🏾 you’ll notice yourself less easily aggravated, zen, the clarity to your life slowly being brightened. It’s wonderful🤗
Anywho, I’m off to yoga class! I’ll be posting again this week with some guys stuff!
Don’t forget to be awesome🙃



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