How to accept and welcome change in your life.

Heeey, everyone! It’s been a little.. crazy(to say the least)the past week or so. Work, kid, life! Things that make the world go round, ya know? So I’ve had a bit of “bloggers block” as my mom called it … she thinks she funny sometimes.😒  Seriously though I’ve been so stumped on what to write! This past week has been filled with drama.. literally so much I’m not sure how the hell i made it this far staying sane! From people I haven’t talked to let alone thought about in years, bringing things into my life that would have rocked me so hard not long ago i would have lit a fire under their asses.Arguing with one of my bestfriends over literally nothing because I had a chip on my shoulder, to my kid,well… being a kid. But because so much was happening, and so much was being built up,a part of me just wanted to snap! I didn’t… i kept it together and kept it moving. I posted this quote a few days back -” if you knew me a year ago, you don’t know me at all now. Allow me to reintroduce myself.” It stands so true to how I faced the devil and his temptation of wanting to blow up and be angry- but he lost. I finally read a book I’ve been dying to read for months( you can find in the books to read section in the menu) and started another book( also listed) both very different but both touching on the subject on change.  How to deal with it, learn from it and become it. For yeeears I told my mom I couldn’t change. I was who I was- angry, bitter, rude the list could go on. Luckily I was more than wrong and God made sure of that. So how does it work? How do we go from being one way or acting one way to the complete opposite? How did the Leslie that used to not give a damn about hurting feelings,saying whatever was on my mind wether you liked it or not… change? GOD. Guys change is inevitable, it’s going to happen, things,people everything changes daily. I’ll be the first to admit I’ve never been open to change- I would fight it so hard it literally wore me out. The day I accepted change and letting Gods will happen, that day I found peace. I found hope and happiness and love and now I’m able to share it. The word change means “‘to make or become different” who wants to stay the person the were 10 years ago? Or the be stuck in the same place for a lifetime wondering “well if I would have changed this or that” I sure wouldn’t! It’s so bittersweet- when I think about my life, who I was, who I am and who I want to be.. when I unravel and re weave the way I understand life and the tools God has given me to become who he has designed me to be… it’s beautiful. We fight change because we fear change, we fear failure,love,the future. Let go and fall into the hands of Jesus, watch your life open up and where you THOUGHT you wanted to be is no where near where he is going to deliver you. In every broken situation there’s beauty that lies beneath it,waiting to be unveiled. There is always a silver lining with change. It hurts like hell and it breaks us down, but it builds is up and remakes us into someone stronger than we were before! When you get back up you see what it is from that certain situation that you won’t allow back into your life and what you won’t tolerate from people. I didn’t then and I still don’t tolerate disrespect- but I approach it differently. When I speak to people, even in frustration- i thoroughly think about my words because the words I chose can damage a person.  I walk away from messy,stupid, childish situations because even if I chose to get pissed off- the outcome, what’s happened or the situation doesn’t change. So now I’m looking like a fool and I let something or someone win and get the best of me. I’m no saint.. I live in the flesh in fall short daily. But because I own who I am, the mistakes I’ve made and will continue to make.. because I saw my flaws and accepted them and allowed myself to grow and not let them define who I am anymore..that,my friends, is epitome of what change is and has done for me. We have one life, one time to make this life everything We desire it to be if it is Gods will. In order to do that we have to change…it starts within your heart and then spread it like wild fire. It’ll be hard, it’s going to suck at times and you might have to learn the hard way-but God didn’t bring you this far to leave you. I pray and I expect awesome things for you guys this week! I can’t wait to see the change God brings into your hearts. ❤️


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