Finding hope in the darkness 

Ello, mates! So today I’m just going to dive right in on the topic of finding hope and peace. My heart has been a little heavy, compelled and hurting for someone who’s in a really low place. Before I talk about that I want to tell you guys a little story-summary ,if you will, about my darkest hour. I am a single mom, my daughter is, more than words can describe. That little girl is my very best friend 😻👩‍👧…5 years ago When I got pregnant with her it had only been two months since my dad had passed away from cancer. I was no where near being excited about being a mom- I won’t lie. In my mind..How could I celebrate that when at 21 I had lost the most important man in my life, who showed me how a women should be loved? The next three years I tried so hard to find happiness. I was engaged to my daughters father,then I was in a relationship where nothing but bad things were said to me to bring me down, and I wasn’t the mother I should have been. I suffer from bipolar depression and anxiety. So life, ha, has been rough. At that time I didn’t realize how far down I was sinking into this dark hole of hatred for myself. I was angry and depressed all the time.It took me laying on my apartment bathroom floor,crying, my daughter who was two at the time holding me as if I was her child, and my mother(god bless her) finally having enough of her child hurting.No mother wants to see their child hurting the way I was- And no child should see their parent that way. If it wasn’t for the grace of God, going to church that next morning and my heart being completely broken and changed.. guys I wouldn’t be who I am,where I am today and still trying to get to where He needs me to be. Depression is real and it is ugly!NO ONE should EVER feel their life isn’t worth it, that YOU are not worth it because you are and you are loved, there is only one you and you don’t get to do this life over. Make it count! It breaks my heart seeing someone hurting, especially a close friend of mine. To hear another say their life doesn’t matter, that their used to being used,abused , treated like shit and thrown away and that’s just okay ?and all their good for? Or to say God is punishing you ?NO. I’m going to stop you there. Your worth,life,emotions are important ! They mean somethin-EVERY being on this earth means something!We can’t continue to give ourself away… Stop looking for someone to fill a void, to love or love you- because until you truly love yourself… until you truly find peace within your heart and with God…babe,nothing and no one can do a thing for you. Life happens! Not always how we want it, how fast or slow- it just keeps going. We all need to learn to cherish and love each person and second god grants us with! Just wait, be still and wait on God. He’s never late,he answers when you call and his love endures forever! To have change in your life, you have to be open and accepting to change. I wasn’t for so long…but I longed to change. It happened when God felt I was ready. And the peace I have within my heart now is soooooo unexplainable. Knowing your worth, is an impeccable feeling. And I pray to whom ever is doubting theirs… keep holding on. Because the storm always ends and the sun will always come out🌞🤗 
This has just been on my heart and I’ve really been needing to get it out. There’s always hope, there’s ALWAYS someone who loves you and is willing to help- just want it.

Don’t ever give up.

Don’t ever give in. 

Don’t ever stop trying. 

Don’t ever sell out. 

And if you find yourself succumbing to one of the above for a brief moment,
pick yourself up, brush yourself off, whisper a prayer, and start where you left off.
But never, ever, ever give up.
      —Richelle E. Goodrich 


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