Let me start over

Well,helllooo! ( in my mrs doubtfire voice)  Happy Sunday! I hope everyone’s week was swell, and your weekend relaxing! Mine? I must say- best week i have had in a WHILE! You know, when you start your day with positivity and expect good things to happen,NOTHING can kill your vibe! Don’t get me wrong I was totally tested.. but kill em with kindness and keep the positive outlook on even the most depressing,annoying, ridiculous things thrown your way!

So I wrote two post already,some may have seen. I deleted because I felt like they weren’t topics needing to addressed just yet. I wanted to formally introduce myself, and kind of explain catching daises to you guys! As you know- I’m Leslie, your house blogger,part time yogi, full time mommy, and skin care enthusiast(esthetician).  I’m not going to sit here and tell you every tiny piece of my character,because,well, That’s just super vain and who would want to read that?! It’s like a dating website… leave some mystery so you can get to know me personally 🙃
SO,WHAT IS CATCHING DAISES?! What made me start a blog, and what in the world will it be about?!In my first entry I explained a little  that my blog is about life mainly,the good ,the bad, the crazy. Sharing stories and testimonies- and although I will have that, i want people,when they come to my page to have fun. Laugh,cry, see a side of me that I’ve never truly shared with anyone. There will be random post on random days about the sushi I ate that day, days where I talk about struggles we all face and then days where I just ramble about nothing! I think out loud a lot and this is my way of letting my thoughts out. Wether they help you, make you laugh or you think I’m bat shit crazy… I hope in some way or another people truly enjoy reading it! It took me a while to think of a not only a good name for my blog, but a blog with meaning. If you know me, and know me well, you know daisies are my favorite flowers. Ever since I was little, I’ve loved them! The beauty in them, the freshness, how vibrant and full of life they have once fully bloomed is a beauty I’ve never seen before. But why CATCHING daises you ask? With this blog, wether it be 1 or 100 thousand. I’m going to catch the attention of someone’s heart. Everyone reading- you guys are the daises! Your beauty, is unexplainable and irreplaceable. It took me years to realize the beauty I had inside myself and to find the love and happiness that God always intended me to have in my heart. Once I found that, I bloomed- like a vibrant daisy. Each time you come to my page, reading  a post, see a picture,hear a song whatever it may be- I pray that a seed is planted and starts to grow and bloom! Find your inner warrior here, find peace, find God, hope,love and share it! In a field full of roses, be the wild flower! Be worth finding and impossible to replace.
Guys feel free to ask me about anything! I’m an open book, and I’m here so be as honest and real as I can be. I’m so excited about this blog! I feel like I can’t be my true self on fb, I feel like it’s just not the place to share and talk about the things I’d like to. ANYWHO, that’s the basics of myself and the background behind my blog. I hope you guys enjoyed and it answered everything. LIKE, COMMENT,SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE! I’d love to hear from people.


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