In a bit of a nutshell.

  • Hey, guys! I’m so excited to be up and running, I’ve been working on getting this up for a while now and the day is finally here!😁 This entry will be fairly short…I just couldn’t wait to post though!
  • If you’ve ready my “About” section in the menu drop down,awesome!- if not, let me give a little background on the birth of the blog.
  • I wanted to get my voice out there and reach people going through every good and bad aspect of their lives.I’m not the best writer or the best speaker but I believe god has called me to share my story and the stories of others.(with consent)Through love,failure,hearthache, depression, triumphs and so much more- we all have a story to tell, that we continue to write everyday.
  • Im so happy and so ready to do life with you guys! Here you will find more than just stories/testimonies about the battles I’ve or people I’ve met have faced… it’s a place to share your story and be heard! Because yours is just as empowering and brave, and will touch hearts.

lets rock and roll, and remember- all you can be is yourself here.πŸ€—

  •  There will be a weekly sometimes multiple times a week entries. Bare with me as I research and brainstorms topics each week- and feel free to submit your topics, questions, concerns to be addressed on a entry!

God bless and GOODNIGHT!


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