Still here!

Hey,everyone! Wow… so it’s been,WAY too long! No excuses… life has just happened and  every time I plan to sit down and write, up comes life again! I don’t have any specific topic today, just wanted to say HEY!🙋🏾 I’m still here ! Life’s been really good. Lilly and I have moved back to the…… Continue reading Still here!

hope · We are warriors

How to accept and welcome change in your life.

Heeey, everyone! It’s been a little.. crazy(to say the least)the past week or so. Work, kid, life! Things that make the world go round, ya know? So I’ve had a bit of “bloggers block” as my mom called it … she thinks she funny sometimes.😒  Seriously though I’ve been so stumped on what to write!…… Continue reading How to accept and welcome change in your life.


Finding hope in the darkness 

Ello, mates! So today I’m just going to dive right in on the topic of finding hope and peace. My heart has been a little heavy, compelled and hurting for someone who’s in a really low place. Before I talk about that I want to tell you guys a little story-summary ,if you will, about…… Continue reading Finding hope in the darkness 


Let me start over

Well,helllooo! ( in my mrs doubtfire voice)  Happy Sunday! I hope everyone’s week was swell, and your weekend relaxing! Mine? I must say- best week i have had in a WHILE! You know, when you start your day with positivity and expect good things to happen,NOTHING can kill your vibe! Don’t get me wrong I…… Continue reading Let me start over


In a bit of a nutshell.

Hey, guys! I’m so excited to be up and running, I’ve been working on getting this up for a while now and the day is finally here!😁 This entry will be fairly short…I just couldn’t wait to post though! If you’ve ready my “About” section in the menu drop down,awesome!- if not, let me give…… Continue reading In a bit of a nutshell.